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世 界 剛 柔 流 琉 翔 会

Sekai Gojuryu Ryusyokai

Doju Kun



We will devote ourselves to spread Karatedo with the world-wide view, and to cultivate and develop one's physical strength and one's spiritual health by studying and training.

For that purpose,

1 The teacher and the students relates each other on the basis of loyalty and honour.

1 Love and respect to one's father and mother.

1 Respect senior student.

1 Sincerity to one's friends.

1 Have affection for junior students.

We will always devote ourselves for training based on these five precepts.

Sekai Gojuryu Ryusyokai
Kaicho Senaha Shigetoshi

Translation by Sunahara Yoshiko

* the number "1" appears aside each precept to show that every precept is given equal weight and that the list is not denoting order of importance.