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Practice of Goju-Ryu

The following is a letter sent to  Steven Fox-Radulovich

The practice of Goju Ryu
Senaha Shigetoshi, Hanshi 9-Dan

All human beings muscles are shaped differently, because they use their muscles in their favorite activity, according to their social status. At first, for building up muscle that can move easily to train for Karate motion, I introduce the following:

  1. Warm up
  2. Basic training ( Sanchin, Tensho, Naifanchi)
  3. Additional exercises (Fukyu gata, Makiwara, Chishi and other tools)
  4. Hirate Gata (Gekisai, Saifa, Shisochin, Sesan, Sanseru, Seienchin Sepai)
  5. Kumite exercise (Yakusoku ippon kumite, nihon kumite, Renzoku Kumite, Kake kumite, Bunkai kumite)

The way to exercise for Karate

Warm up

Exercise all parts of the body, soften all muscle, build up strength and endurance of muscle, learn aand understand all Kata, Kihon Kata (basic kata), Sanchin and Tensho. Exercise Ryobie after each Kata, control each muscle, breath and take rest.

Basic training

Build up strong body and Budo mind by exercising Sanchin and Tensho, which gives us good posture, breath control and our power.

 Additional exercises

This is an exercise to master Kaishu Gata. Move all needed parts of the body and use various tools to built up general and specific strength of the body.

Kaishu Gata

There are 30 sort of Kaishu Gata. Their names depend on their creators. They originated these Katas based on many kinds of offense and defense. The motion of this Kata is used for Enbu and body. It makes us master Toki (release) and Musubi (tie) and to adjust to the purpose of Jutsu by changing our body and mind appropriately.

Kumite practice

This exercise means to break a trap which is the form of defense and offense. Defense and offense means Kaishu Gata